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Product Evolution.


New Technologies

ISO Certified Partners | Why is ISO 14001 important?

As environmental awareness grows and global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion become more pressing, organizations play a critical role. ISO 14001 offers a systematic approach for companies to address these urgent issues. Embracing this standard demonstrates not only a commitment to compliance but also a dedication to ongoing environmental enhancement. Additionally, it enhances an organization's credibility, fosters trust among partners, and frequently serves as a crucial step in engaging in international trade and supply chains. Essentially, ISO 14001 acts as evidence of an organization's dedication to a sustainable future, merging environmental stewardship with strategic business expansion.

Source: International Organization for Standardization

Bio-Based Plasticizers

Modified vegetable oils infused with other bio-based thermal ingredients and modifiers, tailored for general-purpose plasticizer can be used for designated applications. Bio-based plasticizers are compatible with flexible PVC and contain up to 98% plant-based content.

Reusable Packaging 

Thermoplastic formulated products are packaged in reusable supersacks or triple-wall re-enforced gaylord boxes. Choose Go-liner-less packaging as a step in reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, we offer flexible, weather-safe stocking systems to help increase your warehouse space for more projects and to help reduce lead times.



Supply Simpified

INCA's Company Core Values

INCA shines a light through our core values of Diversity, Gratitude, Integrity, Kindness, Mindfulness, Privacy, and Teamwork. We strongly believe, working together where people can thrive without fear, inspires interpersonal growth, innovation, insight and opportunity.

Reducing Energy & Cost Savings

Doing business with INCA helps reduce cost and carbon foot-prints. We offer simple innovative plans proven to make a difference. > Contact us

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