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Driving a Sustainable Future

Science and innovation have been at the heart of everything we do. New and exciting innovations in plastics have contributed to sustainability advances across many sectors, ranging from recycled materials for packaging to creating sustainable homes.

With a strong focus on innovation and significant investments in research and development, process technology and environmental protection, we continue accelerating our contribution to the global initiative of sustainable plastics.

Circular Economy

Plastics bring numerous benefits to our everyday lives, enabling many cutting edge technologies across different sectors and minimising climate change impacts through their lightweight and resource-efficient properties.

Almost every major industry sector including construction, aerospace, electronics, automotive, furniture, medical, food, drink, sports, education, leisure and agriculture is reliant upon plastics to enable trade and economic development. 



INCA POLYMERS LLC., launched in 2013 as a dedicated thermoplastic support firm for Extruders and Molders across the USA. Founder, Julie A. Wright has been working in the plastics industry for nearly twenty years and in 2021, has integrated social and environmental business initiatives.

Julie A. Wright


In the 90s, I started my career by running injection molding machines. After business college, I followed my creative passions to Los Angeles, businesses,  Following the events of 9/11, I returned to Indiana to be closer to my family and took a role at a machine shop selling services to steel mills. In 2009, I circled back into the plastics industry with a new perspective, working with producers and customers to provide effective material and supply support solutions.

-- It's The Journey.

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